Chapel 201

Wednesday, August 21, 2024

 6:30 to 8:00 PM in Room #138


Chapel 201 is the second of three basic discipleship classes designed to help you understand the purpose and ministry process at Johnston Chapel- to develop followers of Christ who love Him, grow in Him and serve Him.  Chapel 201 will introduce you to how we grow in Christ and challenge you to get connected to a growth group at the Chapel.

The class consists of the following four sessions:

Session 1 – Introduction & Growing Through Time In God’s Word 

  • Hearing God’s Word
  • Reading God’s Word
  • Studying God’s Word
  • Applying God’s Word

Session 2 – Growing Through Prayer 

  • The Proper Attitude in Prayer
  • The Model Prayer Jesus Gave Us

Session 3 – Growing Alone- Developing a Daily Time In God’s Word & Prayer

  • The Importance of a Daily Devotional Time
  • The Purpose of a Daily Devotional Time
  • How to Begin a Daily Devotional Time
  • Overcoming Common Problems with Daily Devotional Times

Session 4 – Growing Together- Fellowship With Other Believers 

  • Why Fellowship Is So Important
  • An Introduction to Growth Groups
  • The Purpose of Growth Groups
  • How to Start and Maintain Good Habits

Refreshment breaks will be taken. Casual dress is appropriate.  For further information, or to register for the class, contact Pastor Dan Thyng.