Worship Pastor Candidates Oct. 30, Vote Nov. 6

Paul Lemon will candidate on Sunday, October 30, for the part-time position of Worship Pastor. He will lead us in musical worship as well as share his testimony of salvation, call to ministry, and philosophy of worship. The service will be followed by a fellowship meal, where you will have the opportunity to interact with him and his family. Please bring enough food for your family, and we will plan to share together. All food should be brought to the kitchen, where food warmers and refrigeration are available. All tableware and drinks will be provided. For further details concerning Paul’s training and experience, please review his resume, which is available at the Welcome Center. The church will vote on the recommendation of the Pastors and Deacons for Paul to become our next Worship Pastor on Sunday, November 6. Please be in prayer about this important decision for our church.