Missions Experiences

Each year we have a number of outreach opportunities at our church. One of those areas of outreach involves mission trips. We believe it is important to work alongside of and support any one of the missionaries we have chosen to partner with. Annually, we have various age groups in our church going on mission trips to do a variety of projects. From construction to evangelism, these trips provide encouragement to our mission family and opportunities of growth for our church family. These mission trips include:

4th – 5th grade:

Our children are involved in “local” Mission opportunities. Whether it’s in our community or an intercity location, there are opportunities for our children to experience missions first hand. The 2022 Krew Missions Trip ministered to the Shelby, NC, community.

Please contact Pastor Jason Bowden for information about the Krew trip.

Middle School and High School:  

In years past, middle school and high school students have served locally in Mercer County and domestically in Virginia, Louisiana, New York and New Mexico. They have also served internationally in Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, and the Ukraine.  In 2022 the Middle School and High School youth hosted a day camp for elementary-age students here in Mercer County.

Please contact Pastor James Walsh for information about the youth missions trip.


Adults are challenged to serve on our annual mission trips which typically last 7-10 days. These trips range from construction projects to evangelism/outreach opportunities. The mission trips are both national and international and are generally tied to a missionary supported by Johnston Chapel. Our Adult Bible Fellowships and Small Groups are also encouraged to coordinate and participate in community outreach events.

Please contact Pastor James Walsh for information on future trips.