Chapel 101

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Room #138


Chapel 101 is the first of three basic discipleship classes designed to help you understand the purpose and ministry process at Johnston Chapel- to develop followers of Christ who love Him, grow in Him and serve Him.  Chapel 101 will introduce you to our church- what we believe, our history, our purpose, what kind of church we are, and what it means to be a member here.  In the process, you will discover how much God loves you and how He wants you to know and love Him.

The class consists of the following four sessions:

Session 1  Introduction and Basic Beliefs

  •   What We Believe about Salvation
  •   What We Believe about Baptism
  •   What We Believe about the Lord’s Supper
  •   Our Church Constitution- Our Doctrinal Statement

Session 2  What Kind of Church Are We?

  •   What Independent Baptist Means to Us
  •   Our History
  •   Our Purpose and Strategy

Session 3  Finding Your Way Around

  •   The Layout of Our Building
  •   Our Service Schedule
  •   Our Ministries
  •   Our Bible Fellowships
  •   Our Staff

Session 4  Church Membership

  •   Reasons for Membership
  •   What It Means to Be a Member at Johnston Chapel
  •   Steps to Membership

A tour of the church facilities is offered at the end of the class.  For further information, or to register for the class, contact Pastor Dan Thyng.